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Quite often customers will contact us and ask questions about legal for trade scales that they wish to use at a farmers market or to weigh candy out by the pound. One of the questions that comes up every now and then is "can I get the certificate of conformance"? Actually when you buy the NTEP certified legal for trade scale you will not get the actual CoC but you will see the CoC# usually located on the side of the scale. In fact we recently did a complete report on how to read the label on the side of your legal for trade scale. See an actual Certificate of Conformance copy below.

CoC# for digital scales

The certificate of conformance basically shows an overview of who makes the scale and what the specifications are. It usually includes the capacity and readability and some of the key features. It also will mention which models are approved. Every now and then a manufacturer will have several capacities of a particular model and perhaps one or two of those do not meet NTEP standards. If that is the case, they usually will mention it somewhere on the certificate. The form also mentions which load cell was used in the scale that was tested.

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