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Quite often customers will contact us and ask questions about legal for trade scales that they wish to use at a farmers market or to weigh candy out by the pound. So we thought that it would be a really good idea to compile a list of the top five things you should consider before making the purchase.

Ok, number five on the list is the scale must be NTEP legal for trade. In order for the scale to be legal for trade it needs to be NTEP approved. When a scale is NTEP approved it will have a certificate of conformance that is issued from NTEP. It is important to note that you won't receive that certificate when you purchase the scale. But, you will see the certificate number somewhere on the scale that you purchase. Once you see that number, you can easily go the the NTEP database and confirm if this scale is truly NTEP approved legal for trade. You can click here for more in depth info on the NTEP legal for trade CoC information.

Understand the capacity and the weighing units that you must have is number four on our list of the top five things you need to know when buying a price computing scale. We know it needs to be a digital legal for trade scale but what about the maximum capacity, do you need a 12 lb capacity or a 60 lb capacity? Do you need a scale that displays weight in pounds only or do you use ounces too? Also, the accuracy difference of a 12 lb scale versus a 60 lb scale does matter over time. There are situations where it makes financial sense to buy a 12 lb capacity scale AND a 60 lb capacity scale.

Do you need battery power or will just having standard AC power work? If you need battery power, is a rechargeable battery the ideal choice or would you rather have a scale that takes regular flashlight batteries? It used to be very difficult to find a digital scale to take to the farmers market with a rechargeable battery. However, these days it is much easier to find retail scales with built in rechargeable battery. But, sometimes it is just easier to use regular old "D" cell batteries that you can easily replace at the local store instead of trying to find some specfic 6 volt rechargeable battery or trying to remember to plug the scale in to charge the night before the big day at the market.

Are you going to be just weighing or do you plan on using some type of receipt or record to give to the customer? If you need a print out, then you will need to make sure you choose a digital retail scale with a RS232 serial port or if you are really planning on dealing with a lot of ingredients you could choose a label printing scale with built in printer. However, for most folks in this market sector, you won't be using a label printing scale. Your ideal choice would be certain types of price computing scales that include a RS-232 serial port and easy to connect label printers. Once again, this has gotten easier over the years. Today there are several very good choices of scales that can easily connect to certain label printers. Several years ago it was quite expensive to do this.

And finally the number one thing to consider when buying a NTEP legal for trade price computing scale is how much does it cost!


We figured you would think cost but we know you're going to pay attention to the cost. Actually the number one thing to think about is making sure that you buy the right product for your needs. This is kind of a broad answer to number one but it is very important that you don't just settle on a product because it was $10 cheaper or offered free shipping. Please consider all of the above concerns when you are making your purchase. As always, we try to provide a great selection of retail price computing scales that are legal for trade.


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